Digital Health and the Demise of Point Solutions

With all the froth in digital healthcare, and in virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care specifically, people often ask me how RecoveryOne is different. Part of my answer: we despise point solutions. Half of all adult Americans suffer from MSK conditions each year, and comorbidity is the norm. With such a high prevalence of joint and muscle issues, healthcare managers are looking to MSK solutions to establish and nurture whole-person consumer relationships. In what other category do you have the opportunity to engage with as much as half your population around real healthcare needs each year? And because mobility is the keystone of managing a wide variety of chronic diseases, stand-alone MSK solutions just don’t work.

For years, employers have had no option but to tolerate point solutions in healthcare. There hasn’t been much choice. Even health plans’ involvement in digital MSK care has been largely limited to distribution of stand-alone solutions — until now, that is. Frustration with the maze of point solutions has set in, and employers are fed up with niche answers to systemic problems. We’ve built our solution as an “Intel Inside” for health plans and other risk-bearing entities who are looking to create an integrated consumer experience.

RecoveryOne’s solution was purpose-built so that those who finance and manage healthcare could integrate our solution into a broader health ecosystem. To us, this is so much more than a slogan. Making it real requires a series of concrete capabilities, including:

  • A turnkey consumer marketing and communications platform that can be implemented on a shared member engagement platform.
  • The ability to onboard consumers agilely, whether through our own multimodal consumer marketing platform, or via referrals from your provider(s).
  • Partnering with you in group sales to and train your sales executives and account managers with the value propositions necessary to drive group uptake.
  • Dynamic white-labeling so that the end-to-end experience can be branded as you choose.
  • A robust library of APIs to enable a seamless workflow for the consumer.

We have no interest in competing against our target customers (health plans, health systems, and benefits administrators) with point solutions that just make problems worse. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing exciting news about some of our customers and the results we are generating. The headline: you no longer need to tolerate point solutions. We’re proud to be the MSK-inside-your-solution, generating superior clinical and economic results through an evidence-based recovery journey designed around the consumer.